story collider Photographers

The Story Collider is fortunate to work with many talented photographers who provide art for our podcast and website. Check out their work below!


New York Area Shows

An actor and a photographer, Nicholas Santasier had studied some photography in High School and College, but hadn't really focused on it as a career (pun not intended) until having to do some promo shots for a show he had written and not getting what he wanted out of a simple point and shoot digital camera. So he bought a DSLR and started working with it. He now specializes in various forms of photography including portraits, production (various theatre shows around NYC), events (Story Collider & NCAFP), animals, and landscapes. He runs a photo blog about his travels (and hikes) with his camera and is currently working on a short story with his photos. 

See more of his work here:


Boston area shows


Kate Flock is a photojournalist who arrived 20 years ago in Boston by way of Michigan and Kansas, and is secretly disappointed that she has still not developed a Boston accent. She has covered all manner of events, from local schools to national politics to international events abroad, and has done extensive work in Haiti. Her work has been featured in publications for Google, The Associated Press, The Atlantic, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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DC Area Shows

Michael Bonfigli is a Washington, DC-based photojournalist who has been photographing here and abroad for over 20 years. Clients include: The Washington Post Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, The National Geografic Traveler Magazine, The World Health Organization, The Pan American Foundation,  The United Nations Foundation, and many national and international publications. 

See more of his work here: