San Francisco - Bay Area Science Festival

  • Rickshaw Stop 155 Fell Street San Francisco, CA, 94102 United States

The Story Collider is delighted to be returning to the Bay Area Science Festival for the third year in a row! Full lineup to be announced soon!

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Sebastian Gaston Alvarado went into science so he could make the X-men. During his Ph.D., he studied the molecular switches that regulate gene function. As a result, his work has shed light on chronic pain, size variation in ants, and metabolism in hibernating squirrels. He is also co-founder of Thwacke, a science consulting firm for the entertainment sector.  As a consultant, he has rationalized the science behind Captain America's Super Soldier Serum and the reversible nature of the Incredible Hulk's transformations . Sebastian is currently an A.P. Giannini Fellow at Stanford University where he studies how social environment can shape the way genes change behavior in a fish.  


Sandy Aylesworth is an environmental policy maker and former captain and mate. Over the course of her nine-year sailing career voyaging in French Polynesia, Hawaii, Baja, the United States and the Caribbean, Sandy became intimately familiar with the oceans and learned a great deal about humanity. On semester-length sailing and research expeditions, Sandy taught hundreds of students ship maneuvering, sail handling, and nautical science. She was also a Marine Technician for the United States Antarctic Program on seven oceanographic cruises. Land-based for now in DC, Sandy works in climate change mitigation at the U.S. Department of State. Sandy has a Masters from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a 500 Ton Ocean Master’s license.


Erika Check Hayden is an award-winning San Francisco-based science, health, and technology reporter. She writes for the science journal Nature, and on a freelance basis for a variety of publications. She is the incoming director of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Science Communication Program. Find her at or on Twitter @Erika_Check.


Julie Soller is a Bay Area storyteller and creator of "StorySlam Oakland," a slam-style monthly true story show. She's geeked out on breeding leopard geckos, teaching her cat to pee in the toilet (check out 'Kitty Potty Training – Julie' on YouTube) and her latest geekfest is teaching herself how to cultivate top-shelf medical marijuana in the backyard. Her mission to help people meet each other unfolds at two more open-mic storytelling shows, "Spontaneous Storytelling" every 2nd Saturday at the Layover Music Lounge in Oakland and "Tales in the Tasting Room," every 3rd Saturday in Jack London Square.