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Brooklyn, NY - Invisibility

  • Union Hall 702 Union Street Brooklyn, NY, 11215 United States (map)

This May, we'll present five true, personal stories on the topic of invisibility, from the struggle to remain invisibile in the field to the struggle to feel visible in the lab. This show takes place in conjunction with the Center for Public Scholarship's "Invisibility: The Power of an Idea" conference.

Please note: The show was originally scheduled for April 18, but due to a fire at Union Hall, has been rescheduled for May 16. Thank you for your understanding!

Stories by:

Richard Cardillo is a 25 year resident of the Lower East Side been an educator for over three decades on two continents and in two languages. He's instructed on all levels from preschool to graduate programs, considering himself still more of a learner than a teacher....but always a storyteller! Rich is a three-time Moth StorySLAM winner and has also participated in three Moth GrandSLAMS . Rich is a passionate bread baker and, yes, has gone to that quirky (scary?) place of naming his 16-year-old sourdough starter. He tries to bake up a new story with every loaf that emerges from his tiny apartment oven.


Devon Collins is a neuroscientist, podcaster, and educator from the Midwest. Currently a PhD candidate at the Rockefeller University, he studies how common genetic variation affects the brain’s responses to drugs and stress. He is one-third of the team behind Science Soapbox, a podcast about science and how it interacts with our personal and political lives. Passionate about making the future of STEM more diverse and inclusive, Devon also works as an educator in a STEM-focused after-school program for high school students from low-resource backgrounds. When he’s not doing science, talking science, or teaching science, you can find him baking, running, container gardening, or napping on his sofa with his cat and dog.


Tracey Segarra is busy. She discovered storytelling later in life but has since embraced it with the fervor of an evangelist, performing in shows around the region and hosting her own show on Long Island, "Now You're Talking!" She is a 3-time Moth StorySLAM winner and a GrandSLAM champion. She had appeared live on the Risk! show and was featured on their podcast. All her storytelling adventures can be found at


Sam Snow is an evolutionary biologist and ornithologist, currently a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University. He looks at birds to explore the evolutionary consequences of mate choice for sexual ornamentation, mate-system evolution, and social behavior. His research seeks to understand how females evolve new traits that overcome sexual coercion, reshaping mating systems and male social behavior. In search of answers, he creates theoretical computer models of behavioral evolution and attempts to test these theories by documenting the behavior of birds in the wild.


Sabriya Stukes is a trained microbiologist, a one-time science podcaster, a burgeoning science communicator and fierce supporter of all things STEM. Deeply passionate about infectious diseases, she knew she wanted to be a scientist before she even knew what that really meant. She received her B.S in Biology with a concentration in Microbiology and Immunology in 2005 from Virginia Tech and in 2015 earned her doctoral degree in Biomedical Sciences at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Sabriya is actively involved in many organizations that help to increase diversity and awareness in the science fields for women and underrepresented communities. She is currently the Assistant Director of the Master's in Translational Medicine program at The City College of New York.  She is solidly a cat person and thinks french fries are the worlds best snack. 

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