Los Angeles, CA - Epiphanies

  • ComedySportz 5269 Lankershim Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 91601 United States

This August, The Story Collider returns to Los Angeles with five stories about eureka moments in science! 

Hosted by Cassie Soliday and Audrey Kearns. Full lineup to be announced soon.

Stories by: 

Susan Bell attended U.S. Space Camp in junior high. She now works for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in public engagement following a career as a Hollywood TV/film producer for animated shows such as “Robot Chicken.” Somewhere along the path between potty humor and hard science, Susan decided if she wasn’t going to be an astronaut, she could at least be a pilot. Thus a love affair with the wild blue yonder was born. These days after work she can be found twirling about the skies in her pink Extra 300 aerobatic airplane, competing in Southwest aerobatic contests and working towards her flight instructor certificate.


Marqueeda LaStar is a comic geek, internet enthusiast, and creative technologist.  She is community manager of BlackGirlNerds.com, a society and lifestyle website and online community exploring the intersections of being Black, woman, and nerdy. A builder of bridges, Marqueeda works to create and support inclusive community and collective exploring culture and art through the lens of emerging technologies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology (B.S.) from California Polytechnic University, Pomona.


Kirsten Vangsness has played the super proudly nerdtastic computer analyst Penelope Garcia for over a decade on the hit CBS crime drama "Criminal Minds". Prior to that she was was a public school teacher who reveled in teaching 4th graders about sciences of all sorts. She is also a critically acclaimed playwright who has been doing a mini tour across the country of her one person show "Mess" which is about Quantum Physics, monsters, and church camp.


Christine Corbett Moran likes collecting projects and experiences which she hopes will one day render her able to solve any problem she finds interesting or important.  She has worked at SpaceX, Open Whisper Systems, BBN Technologies, MIT CSAIL, MIT Media Lab, Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs Site), FAST Search and Transfer, UP Diliman, MIT, JHU, and MIT MEET as a software engineer, research scientist, or lecturer/professor. Prior to/during that she studied Physics and Computer Science and Engineering (double major) and Mathematics and Philosophy (double minor) at MIT and obtained a Master's degree in Astrophysics and Cosmology from UZH.  She applied (for the second time) to be a NASA astronaut and certainly plans to see the Earth from space one day.


Brian Engh is a professional paleoartist based in California. He has worked with paleontologists to create reconstructions of ancient life forms for scientific papers, museum exhibits, books, and interpretive displays. He also does #SciComm outreach, and gives talks on paleoart, earth history and biology from the perspective of an artist.