Lily Be

Producer - Chicago

Lily Be is arguably the best storyteller in Chicago, but would never say so because boasting and bragging about one's achievements is NOT done in her family, her neighborhood or her city. Gratitude is the flavor of life, not pride. Lily's passion is giving voice to EVERYONE that is never heard, anyone that is "othered," and anyone that feels like they don't matter. Their stories and these people matter. Lily believes that we need to OWN our BLESSINGS and OWN our CURSES to make the world work for ALL of us.

In addition to winning multiple Moth Slams and Grand Slams, Lily has performed at virtually EVERY storytelling venue in Chicago and has been acclaimed as an actor, writer, director and producer of her own one-woman shows, changing the way directors and stage managers mount solo shows. Over the last ten years, she has hosted hundreds of storytelling workshops at Northeastern University, Northwestern University, DePaul University, Loyola University, University of Illinois-Chicago, Harold Washington College, Malcom X College, Truman College. Second City, iO Chicago and Hairpin. Lily has been invited to be an artist-in-residence several times, including the prestigious Ragdale Foundation, has been sent to Paris to begin one of several memoirs, and has become a master sound editor for her own podcast series. She recently celebrated the six year anniversary of her own storytelling show, The Stoop, which runs the last Thursday of every month, and is exploring how to respond to the calls from her network of people around the country so that they can create their own Stoop-style events.

When you meet Lily Be, ask her about her greatest accomplishment, her son the scientist and playwright.