Our Artistic Director, Erin Barker, searches the crowd...

Our Artistic Director, Erin Barker, searches the crowd...


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The Story Collider is excited by the enthusiasm and generosity of our audiences, friends, and fans! We accept volunteers who are interested in supporting our shows and social media presence. Interested? Read the summary below and then sign up in the box to the left:


  • We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Everything starts there.

  • We believe involving volunteers helps us stay better connected to the needs, concerns, and values of our communities.

  • We believe that volunteers help us to expand our reach, operate more cost effectively, expand our knowledge and skills base, and meaningfully engage with our audiences.

  • While we would love to talk with professionals about pro bono work, we are committed to fairly paying for amazing creative work done on our behalf. We love our photographers, sound engineers, and artists - check them out!


  • Show and podcast promotion;

  • Internal discussion of podcast episodes; and

  • Day-of-show tasks, like folding programs or welcoming the audience into show.


  • Our volunteers do not need any specific type of background, but must have a genuine respect and enthusiasm for science and storytelling, and a deep interest in people.

  • We will request input from volunteers on projects they are involved in, and collect periodic feedback.

  • We will log and report volunteer hours. Volunteers will receive recognition and appreciation, and we'll share the specifics with you when we confirm our relationship.

  • We need volunteers to understand that they cannot make purchases or enter into contracts on our behalf, and that volunteer work does not carry a promise or guarantee of future employment.