The Story Collider needs your help!

Your support -- through a monthly subscription program at Patreon -- keeps us going. 

How it works
Like most crowd-funding campaigns, you set the amount and choose if you want thank-you rewards tied to certain gift amounts. Unlike Kickstarter, Patreon is a monthly donation rather than a one-time deal. We're hoping that a lot of you think we are worth about $5/month (roughly $1 per podcast)! Each month the system sends you a summary of what you're supporting and you have a few days to change your donation or opt out. You can cancel at any time with a click. Donations are tax-deductible (aside from the market value of any rewards you select) and you receive a summary at the end of the year for documentation.

What you support
The Story Collider is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to producing true personal stories that spark emotional connections to science. Our income is a mix of donations, grants, ticket sales, advertising, and workshop fees. Together, these pay for our staff and producers to:

  • Find, coach, and rehearse storytellers
  • Record, edit, and produce the podcast 
  • Cover bar minimums and venue fees
  • Hire photographers our events
  • Travel to shows outside our home cities
  • Print programs
  • Design, host, and maintain our online presence
  • Maintain media storage & backups; as well as read and write about storytelling in a variety of academic and popular outlets
  • Develop lectures and exercises for our workshops and other invited speaking opportunities
  • Do all the things it take to keep the lights on, taxes filed, and wild beasts of chaos at bay.

Since our launch in 2010, we've produced more than 120 shows in twenty different cities in the US and UK, for a total of more than 600 stories on our stage. We’ve published more than 250 episodes of our podcast, which now averages 25,000 weekly listens and has been downloaded over three million times. 

We manage our money in keeping with our mission. We believe in keeping ticket prices low so as many people can afford our live shows as possible. Paywalls are profitable, but we are committed to keeping all our content freely available, always.

We're proud of both what we do and how we go about it, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed – the storytellers, the tech and venue staff, and everyone who's listened and told people about the show. We hope we can keep it going with your support! 

Our crowd-funding goals
Our core mission is to help people feel an emotional connection to science. We do this by producing our live shows and podcast, and leading storytelling trainings for scientists. It’s always exciting to develop ideas for new projects (we have lots!), but our core focus always will be on diversifying our stories, storytellers, audiences, and locations beyond the usual suspects. We need your support in 2016 to: 

  • expand the perspectives represented among our team and storytellers, 
  • host shows in smaller cities and locations outside our existing circuit, and develop our workshop offerings.

Our Patreon donations are an important part of our operating budget. Here is how we will make use of your generous support.

  • $500/month - This will help us produce our standing US show schedule. That’s 24 shows: for 2016, we will run regularly in New York, and quarterly in Boston, LA, and DC. 
  • $1,000/month - This will help us offset costs for producing shows outside our four regular cities.
  • $2,000/month - If we hit this, we'll be able to upgrade our recording equipment and spend more time on creating new workshop content.
  • $5,000/month - This is a big goal. If we get here, we'll be able to hire more producers, travel to cities outside our usual range, and potentially subsidize our workshops for groups who lack the resources to bring us in on their own. 

We hope you enjoy and believe in what we're doing, and that you'll help keep it going!

Liz, Ben, Brian, Erin, Rose, Ari, Christine, Skylar


Will the podcast still be free?
Yes! Our podcast will always be free, and we are committed to keeping our entire archive available to all listeners. 

Can I just buy a Story Collider t-shirt or mug?
Yes! You can buy those here, and we'd love it if you do. 

What if I want to change or cancel my donation?
No problem. Every month Patreon will send you an email reminding you what your pledge was, and you have the option to change it before you're charged. (That kind of ease and flexibility is why we love Patreon, btw.)

I'd rather make a one-time donation, can I do that?
Yes. Monthly contribution help provides us with a stable income stream and make planning easier, but we greatly appreciate all forms of support. To make a one-time donation, click the button below: