Predators: Drew Prochaska & Heather Cucolo

This week, we bring you two stories about predators, from one man’s attempt to confront his fear of sharks to an attorney's experience with the complicated psychology surrounding sex offenders.

Part 1: Drew Prochaska decides to confront his fear of sharks -- by going swimming with them.

Drew Prochaska is a two-time Moth StorySlam winner, who has been featured on the "RISK!", "Dear Show", and Audible's "Stories in Session" podcasts. A graduate of The Tisch School of Arts Dramatic Writing Program, Drew's writing was regularly featured on the website of Running with Scissors author Augusten Burroughs. He lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his dog, Lula.

Part 2: Attorney Heather Cucolo must navigate the complicated psychology surrounding her sex-offender clients.

Heather Cucolo is an adjunct professor at New York Law School and the current director of New York Law School’s Online Mental Disability Law Program. She has contributed to the development of courses for the program as well as assisted in collaboration with Asia-Pacific partners to foster international distance learning. Her academic work has afforded her wonderful opportunities, such as addressing mental disability law issues at the United Nations and allowing her to travel domestically and internationally to lecture and teach.

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