Welcome! This is the resource page for the 2017 AAAS Session "Beyond the Lecture: When Informal Science Communication Is More Effective"

Click image to download the PDF of our handout

Click image to download the PDF of our handout

Session Description: Conversations about public engagement often focus on using either formal talks or published pieces as the key ways to communicate science. But beyond prepared talks and well-crafted articles lie many less formal but still effective opportunities for communication. This interactive workshop considers how reaching various audiences requires thinking about non-traditional formats and venues for advancing public conversations about science. Presenters discuss the importance of knowing who your audience is, what they care about, and how to effectively reach them.

Organizer: Neda Afsarmanesh, Sense About Science USA

Speakers: Brindha Muniappan, MIT, Liz Neeley, The Story Collider




We wanted to provide you with supporting links and further reading. This list is not intended to be comprehensive! I will make additions through the end of the AAAS meeting, but then this will just be an archive. - Liz


Contact her: @nedasays

  • Framing and outreach -- two examples:
    • Katharine Hayhoe -- climate change.
    • Kevin Esvelt: •
  • General resources:
    • The Conversation: What does research say about how to effectively communicate about science?
    • PLOS: Ten Simple Rules for Effective Online Outreach -
    • Frame Works Institute: Climate Change -


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