IAmScience - call for stories

http://vimeo.com/35829872 How did you get into science? We're making a magazine, a show, and a video, and we want to know.

A couple of months ago, Kevin Zelnio was annoyed at the idea that there's only one way to a career in science -- go to college, go to grad school, do research, get a tenure track job. That didn't sound like him, or many of the people he knew. So, he challenged his friends on Twitter: what is your story of a life in science? Within days there were hundreds of tweets and other responses tagged #IAmScience, each one sketching a story of a life outside the traditional path. Today it's kept alive by the IAmScience tumblr. Mindy Weisberger put together the wonderful video of the tweets at the top. Kevin is putting together a book to collect and spread the stories further.

And we're going to help. May at the Story Collider will be #IAmScience. Our online magazine will feature #IAmScience stories, and our May 22nd event -- also our second anniversary -- will be themed #IAmScience.  We're also teaming up with Mindy Weisberger to make a live version of the video above, to have people tell tweet-length versions of their story.

And for all of that, we want your stories. What was your path to getting into science? Let us know:

  • If you want to write your story up for our magazine
  • If you'll be in or near NYC in the next month or so and want to be in the video
  • If you will be in NYC on May 22nd, and want to tell your story live on stage

If you want to be part of any of those, write us at stories@storycollider.org.

(Correction: We originally stated that This Is What A Scientist Looks Like was inspired by IAmScience. It was not.)