Anna Wexler: A crucial choice

There is one rule more important than any other in an fMRI experiment: no metal. But a stuck piercing makes aspiring neuroscientist Anna Wexler make a crucial choice -- end her career, or face possible serious injury?

Anna Wexler is a documentary filmmaker and writer currently pursuing her PhD at MIT in the Science, Technology, and Society Program, where she is studying the social and ethical implications of neuroscience advancements. She graduated from MIT with two Bachelors of Science degrees, one in Brain and Cognitive Science and the other in Humanities and Science with a focus in Writing. She was selected as a 2007-2008 filmmaker-in-residence at WGBH to work on her debut feature documentary, UNORTHODOX, which follows three rebellious Orthodox Jewish high school teenagers through a transformative post-high school year in Israel. The film premiered in November 2013 at the Boston Jewish Film Festival and at DOC NYC. Anna's writing has been published in numerous outlets and anthologized in "Best Travel Writing, Vol. 9 (2012)" and "Best Women's Travel Writing 2011."