In This Week's Podcast: A Baby Doctor Climbs Everest

This week’s story comes to us from New York, from Nitin Ron. Nitin is a neonatologist -- or, as he explains, a “baby doctor.” (Not, not this.) He cares for premature and newborn babies, whom he admires because “they have mastered the art and the science of being in the moment.” Who can argue with that?

Naturally, in addition to saving babies’ lives, Nitin has also climbed Mt. Everest four times. (Bit of an overachiever, I would say. But then again, I am still wearing my pajamas at 3 pm.) His story blends the lessons he learned while scaling the Himalayas with those he learned from his tiny patients to show that sometimes we need powers beyond scientific understanding. The result is something truly -- and I don't use this word lightly -- heartwarming. 

-- Erin Barker, Artistic Director